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Published a comprehensive 90-page research report on Career Vectors in California’s Green Economy

Architected a state grant for $2 million to fund energy efficiency education, targeted at dislocated workers and former NUMMI employees:

  • Facilitated development of a 4-course engineering graduate-level certificate program at CSU East Bay in cooperation with PG&E
  • Defined an energy efficiency business development professionals seminar series at San Jose City College and recruited instructors for the series

Wrote a winning US Department of Energy grant for $750,000 to fund a California Smart Grid Workforce Development Network, addressing the economic impact of modernizing the electric grid:

  • Aligned the state’s utility companies with 3 community colleges and 3 CSU campuses to develop a workforce strategy that encompasses all of California
  • Defined a graduate-level 4-course Smart Grid Power Engineering certificate program at CSU Sacramento

Won a $330,000 state grant to train Gulf War era veterans for new careers:

  • Facilitated pre-apprenticeship training programs for utility workers at Fresno City College and American River College in Sacramento

Assembled a statewide coalition for a US Department of Labor $25 million grant to develop a workforce that addresses energy efficiency applications from the generating plant to the wall socket:

  • Addresses occupations in the electricity value chain -- from generating plant to wall socket
  • Links 16 colleges and universities into a network of shared resources – curriculum and labs – that can be accessed from anywhere in the state
  • Leverages specific community college reform measures

Developed a 120-hour course in Commercial Photovoltaic Systems Design for SolarTech

Developed and delivered an 80-hour course for Sustainability Engineers at Foothill College

Assisted the California Energy Commission in developing the concept of a $30 million National Center for a Clean Energy Workforce

Contributed to several innovation initiatives:

  • Creation of the state-designated Innovation Hub led by Lawrence Livermore and Sandia Labs
  • Development of a regional clean energy and water technologies industry cluster in the East Bay
  • Serving on the Executive Committee of CSU East Bay’s 3-county Cradle-to-Career Gateways Program