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Contract Services

Workforce Incubator offers a number of contract services to build industry / education partnerships that prepare students for 21st Century careers in high-demand, high-skill, high-income career fields.

At a high level, the deliverables would be:

  • Cultivate an expanded base of support for career relevance and work-based learning in grades 9 - 16 through industry partnerships and powerful new linkages into the business community.

  • Create a sharp focus on workforce needs, and -- working with administration and faculty -- facilitate the means to meet them through new degree and/or certificate programs.

  • Facilitate new or expanded career pathways within local high schools to develop a pipeline of students prepared to enter career programs offered by post-secondary institutions.

  • Build bridges into the communities served by the education systems through initiatives with the local business councils, Chambers of Commerce, foundations, Workforce Investment Boards, and other appropriate entities.

  • Add leverage to education system foundations through expanded access to the business community and industry partners.