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A Workforce Development Summit is scheduled for Friday, October 17th by the three major Tri-Valley health care providers -- ValleyCare, Kaiser, and San Ramon Regional. The goal is to build a regional workforce development strategy that increases the number of Tri-Valley graduates entering health care professions in response to escalating demand. It is estimated that five to six times as many new entrants to health care professions are needed beyond the current capacity of the Tri-Valley’s educational systems.

A near-term objective is to add capacity to post-secondary medical degree programs and Allied Health initiatives, Pleasanton School District’s health care academies, and ROP classes related to health care. A regional workforce development strategy for health care is expected to evolve following the Summit, expanding industry support throughout the Tri-Valley’s educational systems.

Overarching Workforce Development Objective:

Help position the Tri-Valley to meet the health care industry’s employment needs by building a strong health care focused regional workforce.

Specific Objectives for the Summit:

  • Launch an initiative to create a regional workforce development strategy for the Tri-Valley’s health care industry.

  • Align health care industry partners and educators with short-term objectives for more career-relevant learning experiences in grades 9 through 16.

  • Build an industry/education coalition to drive progress toward the above objectives specifically for the health care industry.

Proposed Target Audience:

  • Hospitals -- ValleyCare, Kaiser, San Ramon Regional, VA Hospital

  • Clinics -- Palo Alto Medical, Axis Community Health, others

  • Physician groups -- Hill Physicians Group, private practices, others

  • Other Industry players -- dentists, pharmacy chains, mental health facilities, nursing homes, vision care providers

  • Education leaders -- high school and post-secondary

  • Workforce Investment Board and related agencies, City and County governments


The Tri-Valley Education Partners Council is responsible for planning and executing the Summit. A small group from the target audience above has begun planning the Summit. ValleyCare, Kaiser, and San Ramon Regional are currently involved.

The agenda will drive conclusions about the need for a regional workforce development strategy.

The Agenda includes:

a. Keynote by an esteemed elected official (Assemblymember Mary Hayashi)
Viewpoint on the health care industry and education related to workforce

b. Health Care workforce projections (CA Dep. of Labor & Workforce Development
Gaps in the emerging workforce relative to industry forecasts

c. Successful education models
Overview of a working education model and current results

d. Industry / Education Panel (key industry leaders and educators)
Exploration of potential health care career programs; opportunities and constraints

Project Flow:

Workforce Development Summit - Health Care Industry


Jim Caldwell
Chair - TVBC Education Partners Council
(925) 292-2308