Workforce Incubator builds industry, education, and government coalitions that cultivate world-class talent for 21st Century careers.

Focusing on high-impact, high-demand, high-skill career fields, Workforce Incubator convenes and facilitates the work of leaders to amplify career relevance for displaced workers, career-changers, and students from high school through college. It builds upon a number of models for career-relevant learning that were pioneered by the Gates Foundation, the Irvine Foundation, and others.

Targeted outcomes for industry:

  • Develop a highly-skilled workforce to satisfy increasingly sophisticated industry functions and heightened requirements for innovation and productivity.
  • Meet the demand for growth in high-value job classifications.
  • Realize enhanced community standing through positive corporate citizenship.

For displaced workers:

  • Provide opportunities for re-purposing careers and gaining transferable skills for sustained employment.
  • Activate the intellectual capital that is trapped on the economy’s sidelines by placing displaced workers into employment.
  • Create pathways to support lifelong learning.

For students:

  • Prepare students for success in the global economy, such that their careers provide the opportunity for personal satisfaction and financial well-being.
  • Enable careers by choice, not by chance.
  • Assist students in developing their passion for work, lifelong learning, and contributing to society.

For teachers:

  • Equip teachers to deliver increasingly career-relevant learning experiences to students, assisted by the commitment of expertise and resources by industry partners.
  • Meet required education standards with greater ease through enriched curricula and powerful learning modes afforded by industry partnerships.
  • Experience greater fulfillment and recognition in the teaching process.

Workforce Incubator cultivates a world-class talent pool that meets the priority needs of industry, enabling participants to compete successfully in the global economy, through the guidance of professional educators of the highest quality in close collaboration with industry, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Workforce Development Initiatives

Workforce Incubator supports the Energy Construction & Utilities Sector of the California Community Colleges The ECU Sector is a team of Sector Strategists who work with colleges and industry to design education and training programs for new and incumbent workers in the energy field, specifically targeting occupations that impact energy efficiency. It is part of the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy initiative of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

PG&E Energy Efficiency Training Footprint Expansion Project Workforce Incubator partnered with PG&E to expand the footprint and reach of PG&E's energy training centers through a curriculum offering in four key areas to California public post-secondary institutions. The four topic areas were Building Science, Energy Audits & Analysis, HVAC Quality Installation & Maintenance, and Lighting Efficiency & Well-being. The final report on the project is available here. May 1, 2015.

Workforce Incubator Joins the Executive Institute for Energy Efficiency Workforce Incubator has partnered with the Executive Institute for Energy Efficiency (EIEE) integrating workforce programs into energy efficiency market development initiatives. For more information, go to www.EIEEConsulting.com - June 5, 2014.

Energy Efficiency Workforce Sector Strategy Workforce Incubator is helping PG&E train workers for new Energy Efficiency jobs.

Green Job Incubator Advancing

Vision for the Tri-Valley

Developing the East Bay Green Economy Workforce – – New Research

Alternative / Renewable Energy Major R&D and venture capital investments in the East Bay lead to expanded workforce needs.

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Health Care Industry Sustaining the Tri-Valley’s quality of life creates significant new career opportunities and workforce challenges.

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Education Initiatives

South Seattle Community College BAS Degree in Sustainable Building Science Technology

Workforce Incubator is serving on the Advisory Board for a new Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Sustainable Building Science Technology at South Seattle Community College in Seattle, Washington.

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Access to top college students ... the ones everybody wants as employees.
Announcing the Star Student Contest for East Bay Employers.

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High school students with the skills you need are now entering the workforce. How will you recognize them?
Many are now earning employability certificates.

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