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Announcing Star Student Contest for East Bay Employers.
Think American Idol, but for top academic achievers in East Bay colleges and universities. These are Dean’s List, Honors, and faculty-nominated students -- the ones everyone wants as employees.

This fall’s contest is designed as a jump start on intern recruiting.

Only 3 judges are chosen per industry, based on their company’s community leadership position. These companies will have fast track access to top college students locally and the ability to market their company and careers to students in the East Bay. There will be media coverage of the contest, resulting in publicity for the judges and their companies. Most importantly, it reinforces your brand as committed to high achieving students in the community.

Workforce Incubator has partnered with NUresume, an internet-based networking platform that connects companies with the best and the brightest in East Bay Colleges.

More information on the Star Student contest can be found here.