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Picture Yourself
Picture yourself as a sophomore in high school.

Consider the decisions you’ll need to make before you can find your place in the world.

Then think about what you don’t know.


In this picture, do you see yourself as a confident teen carefully weighing the factors of global competition, demographic shifts, dynamics of various career fields, and relating them to the financial implications of your decisions?

Of course not.

Well, that may not matter very much if you’re tuned into your greatest strengths and have discovered a passion that lets you take full advantage of your aptitudes.

But that’s probably not happening because you haven’t figured out who you are.

Now come back to the present and think of that teen as a member of the generation that must meet the great challenges and seize the great opportunities of the 21st century.

How confident are you that this teen will enjoy the same or better quality of life as you? What will his or her generation need to address just to maintain the status quo:

A clean environment?
Affordable energy?
Quality health care?
Economic growth?
Business ethics?
Political progress?

Don’t we owe this teen the chance to prepare for meeting these challenges?